KC and the Vocal Chords History

The K stands for Kevin Curti and the C stands for Chet Koning. To understand the beginning, you have to go back over 35 years ago.

The Curti's lived off of Fivay-A road in Hudson, Florida and lived in an old house with numerous abandoned chicken barns. Kevin and Chet went to school together and played in the marching band together. Kevin played drums and Chet played the trumpet. They became best of friends along with several other band members. Kevin was taking guitar lessons from a talented instructor named Mr. Bermark and loved to play guitar and drums. Chet played trumpet but also loved to play the bass guitar. So, several of the band members got together and started practicing music in one of the old abandoned chicken barn stalls, (partial dirt floors, metal roof and metal side walls).

Kevin's dad had installed electric into the stall for lights and to power the amps. We started a group called the Saturn Express Band. The drummer - Al Lindimen, keyboards - (original) Denise Allison, was later replaced by Ron Gravely, guitar - Kevin Curti, trumpet - Chet Koning, and later on played the bass guitar for the group. They played in parking lots at food stores, flea markets, civic associations, and any place that would listen to them.

Eventually Kevin and Ron went on to the University of Florida to obtain their degree in music, Al went on to become a DJ for a country radio station, Denise when on to College and Chet got married and the band broke up. Kevin finished college and married Christine Clark and moved to Punta Gorda area while Chet stayed in New Port Richey area. Chet's first marriage failed and he remarried his current wife, Vivian. Chet and Vivian stayed in the New Port Richey area because Chet's family was one of the original families that were here at the turn of the 20th century.

Moving on... Chet and Kevin had not seen each other for approximately 20 years. So, Chet was walking in the parking lot of Wal-mart with his wife about twelve years ago and heard someone call his name, it was Christine. She and Kevin had moved back to the New Port Richey area. After talking a little, we met Kevin and Christine for Dinner and got reacquainted again. Kevin called Chet on a Tuesday evening and asked if he would set in on a gig and play bass guitar for him. Now remember Chet had not played a bass guitar in 20 years. Chet asked him, what kind of drugs are you on? Kevin told him to come on down and Chet could use Kevin's bass guitar and amp for the gig. Well, as they say, the rest is history. Kevin and Chet reunited and kept the name "Kevin and the Vocal Chords" for approximately 2 years.

In 2006, we called the band KC and the Vocal Chords. We kept the Vocal Chords in the name because sometimes, additional musicians will play with us and it allows the band to expand regarding the number of musicians. This of coarse is a summary of Kevin and Chet's background, trust me there are a lot of missing parts, but you get the basic story, (there were other bands, names, members, etc.), but Kevin and Chet have been lifelong friends and will always be best of friends. Please come and join us at our various venues because we both love to play our music for your enjoyment and look forward to meeting each and every one of our fans.

Thank You, Chet Koning.


and the

Vocal Chords